Basketballs with Bounce

From official NBA-standard leather indoor balls to outdoor junior balls for young children, there is a huge range of basketballs available. As well as conventional orange basketballs, you'll also find balls in other colours with fun detailing. You'll even find balls with hand-positioning guides to help you improve your form, as well as balls made by your favourite sports brands such as Nike. So whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, a basketball is a great addition to your basketball equipment.

Basketball sizes

When choosing a basketball, it's important to choose the correct size to match the player. Younger players have smaller hands, and so smaller balls are required to allow them to develop their skills on the court and improve their game overall.

Basketballs are available to buy in three different sizes: five, six, and seven. For younger children under the age of 11, a size five ball is recommended. They measure 27 ½ inches and weigh 18 ounces. If your child is under 11 but has a larger than average hand span, a slightly larger ball may be more suitable.

Size six basketballs measure 28 ½ inches and weigh 20 ounces. They are suited to players aged between 12 and 15, and are also the size used in women's basketball.

A size seven ball is ideal for male players over 16. They measure 29 ½ inches and weigh 22 ounces. This is the only size of ball used by the NBA.

NBA basketballs

Organised basketball leagues like the National Basketball Association, or NBA, have strict specifications for basketballs. They must be a certain material, colour, weight, circumference, bounce, and inflation pressure. You'll find Official NBA size seven game balls made by Spalding for the real NBA experience. These premium basketballs are made to the exact specifications used in the NBA. Made with full grain leather, they offer an authentic feel and look, making you feel as though you're playing with the best in the sport.