Rare and collectable Bassett-Lowke

Founded back in 1898, Bassett-Lowke specialised in model trains, model ships, and other model engineering products. Following its decline in the latter half of the 1950s, the items made by Bassett-Lowke have become rare, and special items. This brand produced similar products to others of the same period, such as Bing, Carette, Mills, Leeds, Bond's O' Euston Road, Douglass, Exley, and CCW.

Bassett-Lowke railway models

Bassett-Lowke were the main suppliers of model trains and railway systems in the United Kingdom from around 1900 to 1965. Although producing mainly gauge 0 model railways, they also support larger gauges 1,2, and 3 before World War II. In the early 1920s, they also introduced Bing 00 tabletop railways, and in the 1930s, the Trix 00.

As well as tracks, Bassett-Lowke were also suppliers of steam engine models, and live steam locomotives. The original trains were from 15-inch (381 mm) in size.

Bassett-Lowke boats & ships

It doesn't stop at trains. Bassett-Lowke were also known suppliers of model boats, and scale ships in full construction sets too. Shop for Derick Head's Bassett-Lowke Waterline Ship Models to learn more, alongside other books.

There is no doubt that these models were a result of pure craftsmanship, time, and care. These models became prized possessions, with many being passed down through the generations. They have survived through wars.

A collector's item

Due to the age of the original scale model train locomotives, they are considered as vintage, antique items. These collectables show up at train fairs all over the world, and you can find them right here on eBay too. Due to the collectable nature of Bassett-Lowke products, they have become very valuable. Shop for original models, accessories, literature, tracks, and catalogues right here on eBay. Original Bassett-Lowke catalogues are now considered collector's items, and are extremely sought after.