Are you expecting and not having much luck with baby cots and cribs? Well look no further than eBay, where you will find a huge selection of baby bassinets for your little one.

Due to the size of the baby bassinet, you will find that your little one will not use it for too long. But there are a number of advantages offered by the baby bassinet that makes it a more popular choice compared to baby cots for newborns.

Why a baby bassinet?

When your newborn arrives, you need a place for him or her to sleep. There are a few advantages that are unique to the baby bassinet. Most importantly, it is much easier to sleep near your newborn with a baby bassinet. It depends on your preference, but some parents like to have their newborn in the same room. As baby cots are much larger compared to the baby bassinet, it’s best you look at buying a bassinet if you intend to sleep in the same room as your baby. Even if the baby is sleeping in his or her own room, the size of the bassinet will leave plenty of room for a changing table, dressers and other key furniture.

Compared to baby cots, by virtue of their size, bassinets are also more cosy and give your baby a comfortable sleep. Baby bassinets are also portable and give you the option to move your newborn to different locations around the home without too much fuss.

Another advantage of the baby bassinet is its ease of access for you. It is designed at a low height, which makes it easier for you to pick up your baby with care. In fact, you can pick up your baby from a sitting position with the baby bassinet if you so choose!

Explore the range of baby bassinets on eBay today and give your baby the comfortable sleeping space it deserves!