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Bring Home The Orchestral Sound With a Bassoon

The bassoon is often considered to be a comical instrument. It is often the most expressive instrument in an orchestra and it has the ability to play a huge range of music and octaves with relatively little difficulty. There are many different types of bassoon available and the model that you choose will largely depend on your experience level, the type of music that you want to play and your budget.

Modern Bassoon

The modern bassoon tends to be higher in price and very heavy. When purchasing a brand new, modern bassoon instrument you will need to play it a lot before you discover the true sound. Another option when buying a modern bassoon is the crest alternative. This isn't usually constructed from a single piece like the modern bassoon but it is cheaper in price. You will still need to make adjustments when you use this instrument and the model that you choose will ultimately depend on your own playing style. Modern bassoon instruments are very easy to learn on, however, they are also ideal for professionals who are looking for a more ergonomic model.

Older Bassoons

When you do buy an older bassoon, you'll see that they are still capable of playing in a professional orchestra and some instrumentalists even prefer to play on older models as well. Older bassoons tend to have different characteristics and this includes the fact that they are made out of different types of woods and that the pads and fingers are not as easy to reach. The mechanisms are also much older and there is a high chance that they will need to be optimised. Older bassoons tend to go dryer faster as well, but they have the ability to create sounds that most modern bassoons can't compete with. In an orchestra, professional bassoon players often choose to use older and more classically made bassoons.

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