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Bath and Body Products

Bath and body products include skin care, body wash, soaps, candles and more. Many modern types are organic and use mainly natural ingredients.

What Skin Care Products Are Available?

Proper care of skin is important for health, and looks and feels good too.

  • Moisturiser:Keeping skin moist is important. Dry skin is more vulnerable to damage and can easily become discoloured or rough. Body butters such as shea butter can provide deep moisturising to your skin, as well as adding important nutrients like Vitamin E.
  • Exfoliating: A buildup of dead skin cells can cause skin problems. Exfoliating removes these and leaves your skin soft and smooth. Natural exfoliants usually contain a fine-grained substance such as salt, sugar, oatmeal or a fine grain such as nut kernels or coffee. Some exfoliants use small plastic beads, but these can easily enter aquatic ecosystems and are being phased out. Exfoliants may have mild organic acids to help break up dead skin.

What Body Wash Products Are Available?

Keeping your skin clean of dirt and oil is the best way to keep it healthy. Dont go overboard though, as harsh soaps can strip away your skins protective oils and cause irritation.

  • Body Washes:Body wash can be directly applied to your skin to remove excess oils and dirt. Natural body washes and organic body washes are popular and contain substances like coconut oil, shea butter or olive oil to help moisturise skin after cleaning. Other ingredients add scents such as tea tree, mint, vanilla and many types of fruit or flowers.
  • Soaps: Soaps are usually made in bar form. Some natural soaps are used for specific medicinal or therapeutic purposes, such as activated carbon soaps, which act as a light exfoliant and mild chemical neutraliser.

What Other Bath and Body Products Are Available?

Other products can assist in cleaning, skin care and relaxation.

  • Candles: Scented candles are a relaxing addition to any bath.
  • Loofahs and sponges:Loofahs are naturally sourced from a cucumber-like vine and can lightly exfoliate your skin and scrub away stubborn dirt. Most sponges are artificial in nature and come in a variety of colours and designs.
  • Deodorant: Deodorants and antiperspirants help you feel and smell fresh. They are often bought in aerosol cans, but natural options exist too. These are often in the form of small tins of paste that are both long-lasting and naturally sourced.