Bath Brushes and Sponges

Made with more features than a traditional washcloth or towel, bath brushes and sponges are implements meant for use in the bathtub or shower. Created to scrub, smooth and clean your face and body, these brushes and sponges come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. 

What Are the Types of Brushes and Sponges?

The most classic type of cleaning tool is a bath sponge. Porous and filled with holes that absorb body wash and water, sponges come in varied sizes and are useful for cleaning your entire body. Some sponges are even natural sea sponges. A shower brush has a handle and can help you to scrub hard-to-reach spots, and as a specialty brush that helps to remove dead skin cells, a loofah works well on calloused areas like feet. Made of fluffy, thin fabric, a bath scrunchie or puff has a rougher texture than a sponge does.

What Are Features of Bath Brushes and Sponges?

Bath tools offer a host of features to make them even more appealing to use. Brushes may have a loop at the end, so you can hang them to air-dry after use, and you can choose loofahs with a band to slip your hand into to make scrubbing easier. An electric spinning bath brush has a variety of settings to massage you while you scrub and implements that help to remove dry and dead skin.