Home Faucets

Find the ideal home faucets to match your style of interior décor, from bathroom units to kitchen models. Faucets can be used as a centrepiece for your kitchen or bathroom, or they can be used to create a sense of understated style. Whether you are looking to make a statement on your bathroom tub or you're looking for something practical in the kitchen, search on eBay to find the right home plumbing fixtures for your space.

Faucets for the bathroom

As you use your bathroom tap daily, matching style with practicality is paramount. With new technology built in to bathroom faucets, you can find one with modern features to suit both needs. Match your bathroom sink faucets with a soap dispenser for a two-in-one solution, or go for a touchless spout in a curved or flick vanity style.

Imagine a touchless waterfall effect when you wash your hands using a hands-free sensor. Having impressive features in your faucet will wow your guests and encourage your kids to enjoy washing their hands too.

Of course, there are matching sets to suit your basin, shower and bath. Shop for sets in a variety of materials, from brass to brushed chrome, glass to zinc. Discover nickel brushed options with a matt black spout for something different.

Faucets for the kitchen

Kitchen faucets are available with all kinds of fancy features. Opt for a pull-out sprayer nozzle to make cleaning dishes in your basin quick and easy. This feature allows you to get to the hard-to-reach corners of your sink to spray your dirt away whilst adding a touch of charm to your kitchen.

Combine cool features with your desired style. A stainless steel handle offers a sturdy look when combined with a double faucet if you have a large or double basin, making for a truly modern look.