Bath Towels & Washcloths

The humble bath towel may very well be the hardest working part of your household. Not only do we expect our towels to dry us off and keep us clean, but we use them to occasionally wipe up spills and mishaps when a normal tea towel won't do the job. Whether used for a decoration piece or if you use yours for drying off, put more thought into your bath towels and invest in a Hammam towel, or as it is more commonly known, a Turkish towel.

Benefits of Turkish towels

Just like Egyptian cotton, ‘Turkish cotton' is a fundamental part of any linen manufacturer's line of products. Due to its high-quality attributes, Turkish cotton is still as popular as ever. Here are just a few reasons why you too will change your mind about Turkish towels:

Absorbency: When you need to mop up spills or dry yourself off after a long dip in the pool, a Turkish towel features strong absorbency powers. Not only will they dry more quickly, but they will be less inclined to absorb too much moisture from the climate. This means they won't be damp to the touch while you are drying it in more humid weather.Softness and weight: Turkish towels are also silky smooth and a lot lighter than a terry-weave towel. Less bulky means they're the best companion to be tucked into your backpack or beach bag, or when you're going away on holidays.Durability: The character of their material means that the more they get washed, the more limber, softer, and more absorbent they become. The more you use them, the better they get!

Spoil yourself and your household with Turkish cotton towels or Egyptian cotton washcloths when you shop online on eBay. Redecorating your entire bathroom? Why not search for quality shower curtains, floor mats and more to recreate your own private sanctuary.