Bath Towels

Everyone needs bath towels

Soft and absorbent bath towels draw moisture from the skin's surface after a bath or shower. The largest towels in a bath towel collection are available in a wide range of colours, styles and cotton types.

The ultimate bath towels collection

The larger sized bath towels can vary in just how large they are, as well as in style and design. The practical and versatile soft and absorbent cotton bath towels are great for wrapping around your kids after bath time. They're also a great size for twisting around wet hair after washing. Although a bath towel has decent proportions, most adults use bath towels for blotting the skin or rubbing down the body after bathing or showering.

Bath sheets are larger than bath towels, which means that they are also more absorbent. If you usually need two bath towels to dry off completely, a bath sheet is a more convenient option. Guys can wrap the super size bath towels around their waist, and women can feel completely cocooned. Although more exy than bath towels, on average bath sheets provide 60% more coverage.

Different types of bath towels

Bamboo fibre bath towels are made from a blend of natural bamboo and cotton. The colour-fast bath towels are soft, supple and absorbent. The cotton used to make organic cotton bath towels has not been exposed to fertilisers or pesticides. Bath towels made from blended polyester and polyamide microfibre grab at moisture. Super absorbent travel towels are typically made from this soft fabric.

Soft and strong Pima cotton bath towels are both luxurious and super thirsty. Turkish cotton bath towels are strong, fluffy and highly absorbent, due to their extra-long fibres. Top of the price range Egyptian cotton is the premium bath towel choice in any bathroom. The 100% cotton is luxuriously soft and ultra absorbent.