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Bathmats, Rugs & Toilet Covers

Bathroom Linens

Nothing is worse than stepping onto a cold bathroom floor barefoot or getting out of the shower and slipping on the floor because you didn’t have any sort of traction to prevent the fall. Having bathrooms linens such as bath mats, rugs, and toilet seat covers are a great way to help prevent falls, and at the same time making your bathroom cozier with soft accents. Many of these linens come as coordinating sets and they come in a variety of colours and styles to suit almost any design aesthetic.

Bath Mats, Rugs and Runners

Bath mats or rugs are a great way to warm up your bathroom, as well as provide some cushioning to your floors and areas to walk without slipping if the floors are wet. Bathmats can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many of these mats come as rectangular mats, but you can also find round bath mats and mats that fit around your toilet. Bathmats can have a varying degree of cushion and support depending on your need. Additionally, there are different fabrics and textures in which these mats are available. Many are terry fabric, but can also come in Egyptian cotton and regular cotton. Some bath mats and rugs are great for people who have foot, leg or back issues as they have built in memory foam support. If you have a large bathroom with multiple sinks, bathroom runners are a great option to reach the length of a long vanity.

Toilet Seat and Toilet Covers

Sometimes people want to preserve the life of their toilet and keep it as pristine as possible, which why toilet seat and toilet covers are available with their coordinating bathroom sets. Toilet seat covers and toilet covers can dress up an otherwise stark looking toilet by adding pops of colour. They also protect the toilet and toilet tank from any messes that can happen in the bathroom. Like their counterpart, the bath mat, these covers are often terry cloth or cotton and come in a variety of colours and styles. Another important item close to the toilet to consider having covered is your toilet paper. There are many options for toilet paper covers including separate stands and cubicles, as well as fabric covers for individual rolls. Depending upon your style and need there are a variety of choices available.