Bath Accessory Sets

Bath accessory sets help you keep your bathroom neat, tidy and organised. You can find sets for your bath and shower and for other areas of your bathroom, such as around your sink and loo. Design-savvy shoppers will choose items that slot into the style of the room, but that's not the only way to shop.

You can also look at using accessory sets to add a pop of colour, or as a simplistic, functional item. Browse through new and used items to either get a brand new accessory set or a preloved vintage one.

Bath and Shower Sets

Making your bath or shower look inviting is easy with a few simple touches. Bath mats and shower caddies are all ways to store your stuff and make your bathroom look stylish. You can also find non-slip bath and shower mats which are a must if you want to avoid trips and slips.

Typical products include super suction bathroom accessory rings, adjustable corner shelves for your bath and glass shelving racks. For little ones, there are also cute bath floats.

Sink Accessories

To store your soap, toothbrushes and other essentials around your sink, a caddy set is ideal. There are different varieties of materials like ceramic, plastic, chrome, glass and stone.
Popular sets include soap dishes, soap dispensers, bins and tumblers to match. There are even options that include towel rails, clothes hooks, shelves, mirrors and decorative wording.

Toilet Roll and Brush Holders

Toilet brushes and loo roll holders are a must-have in any clean and tidy bathroom. You can include these in a full set to match sink and bath accessories to the toilet or buy separate items for this area.

Materials like ceramic, brass, stainless steel and plastic are all popular. Prices vary from the upmarket designer sets to affordable unbranded versions.