Bathroom & Shower Drain Grates

Picking the Right Shower Grate for Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodelling can be exciting and maddening at the same time. You are giddy with anticipation over how good the final product will look, but the endless choices can also drive you nuts. You have to choose the tiles, the shower heads and fixtures, the bathtub and a thousand other things. One of the most critical parts of the job is making sure you get your shower grate right. Not only does it serve important functional purposes, but the right choice can make your bathroom look stunning. There are many stylish options available from eBay vendors.

Point Drains

These are your standard drains that most people are familiar with. They often feature a steel shower grate that covers the drain itself. When choosing a drain, it is always better to go with a larger one, rather than something that will only just be able to keep up with the flow rate of the shower. If you dont leave much margin for error, there is a higher chance that your shower will flood. When you are getting your shower redone, make sure that the contractor pitches the floor properly. If they dont, it can mean that your shower wont drain well, which can cause problems.

Linear Drains

Linear drains are becoming much more fashionable. Rather than the centralised shaped of a point drain, they feature long steel shower grates for collecting the water. It is recommended that linear shower grates are placed close to the wall when they are installed. As with point drains, it is best to get a linear drain with a wider opening so that it can effectively drain the water. It is a good idea to flood test your drain before engaging it in regular use. This will help you see if there are any issues before it is too late. No one wants to flood their brand new bathroom the first time they shower.