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Batteries for Canon Cameras and Camcorders

Canon is one the most famous camera brands in the world. Its fans and user base spread across multiple nations. Its product range includes camera accessories, camcorders, photocopiers, compact cameras, steppers, computer printers and DSLRs. Most of their pieces run on lithium-ion batteries that recharge well and last long, but there is still a sizeable global market for replacement batteries.


Canon Corporation is a Japanese multinational firm that started its operations in 1937. Initially the company only produced cameras, but as they expanded their operations, their product ranges also increased drastically.

Batteries for Canon Cameras and Camcorders

Rechargeable Canon lithium-ion batteries charge in just a few hours. Usually the batteries of each product range can fit various models. However, some batteries in the Canon Ixus, Powershot, Legria, Pro Video or DSLR Camera ranges are different, and you can only use specific camera batteries with a given model for it to function properly. Camera batteries are available in various specifications, as high as 1500 mAh camera batteries for Canon, as low as 600 mAh or go for a comfortable media with a 1000 mAh camera battery for Canon. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery lasts.

Availability of Batteries for Canon Cameras and Camcorders

Canon sells its camera and camcorder batteries on its official website, but it also partners with online retailers and shopping websites to carry its battery ranges. Owing to their large demand in the market, you may find them in most retailers that offer a large inventory of photography supplies.

How to Take Care of Batteries for Canon Cameras and Camcorders

To ensure that your battery lasts a long time, you should keep the batteries out of the camera when you don't intend to use it. This ensures that battery fluids do not leak out or damage the camera. Moreover, once you remove, you should store your batteries in dry and safe places. Wrap them in tissue or linen cloth to avoid effects by dust, humidity or other extraneous factors. Keep batteries away from children, as they can swallow them, lose or otherwise spoil them.

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