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Batteries for GoPro Cameras and Camcorders

The advent of GoPro cameras was a revolution in the world of extreme sports. Even those who had never even heard the term could share the experience through the magic of first-person photography. It is the next best thing to being there. The only catch is that without batteries, your GoPro cameras and camcorders are just so much dead weight.

External Batteries

Every GoPro camera comes with an internal battery for onboard power but GoPro also offers external camera batteries for a number of camera models. The GoPro Battery BacPac extends your camera or camcorder battery life by charging the internal battery. It's a great way to extend your ability to share the experience.

Internal Batteries

The biggest advantage of internal batteries is that they are always there. You don't have to find a battery for your GoPro camcorder because it's built-in. The one drawback is that if the battery needs replacement you have some work to do to get at it. For example, the GoPro Hero battery is actually glued into place, and you need a plastic spudger to actually remove it.

Cameras and Camcorders

While most GoPro models look more like a camera, they actually behave more like a camcorder but with some significant differences. Perhaps the biggest is that they do not have a viewfinder. You can usually preview footage through a smartphone app, but the actual camera has more of a fire-and-forget style of usage where you just turn it on and let it go.

Battery Needs

When looking at batteries for GoPro cameras, it's important to remember that they need a lot more power than a standard digital camera. Just like a camcorder, they often run continuously, and when you add in that they may be streaming to a smartphone, the power usage goes up significantly. Always fully charge your GoPro before heading out.

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