Laptop Battery for HP ProBook

Depending on how long you own your HP ProBook, you will most likely need to replace the battery at some point. There are many factors involved in finding the ideal replacement. Knowing the overall performance, size, fit and type of battery you need will help you get your ProBook up and running again faster.

Type of Battery

Through the several types of batteries you can have, choosing the best one for your use is important for getting the most out of your experience. Choosing from a nickel cadmium (NiCd), nickel metal hydride (NiMH), or a lithium ion (Li-ion) will determine which price point is most affordable, along with how long each type will last. It is best to choose the same battery that came with the laptop from the factory, but if economy is best for now, using a cheaper alternative can get you going sooner.

Number of Cells

The most common number of cells in a battery for an HP ProBook is 4 or 6 cell. Check out a 4-cell laptop battery for an HP ProBook to see whether the duration between charges will work for your needs. The 6-cell laptop battery for an HP ProBook is most likely the amount that came standard with your HP ProBook. There are options for buying batteries with more cells, meaning more time to work between charges, but these tend to be bulkier and cost more.

Find the Right Size Battery

Each model of the HP ProBook series has its own specific size and shape battery due to the design of the laptop. To determine which battery fits yours, refer to the model name and number for clarification. Each battery will typically show which model it supports.

Battery Performance

You can determine the overall performance of a laptop by its battery source. Although it isn’t necessary to have a working battery in order to use a laptop, it is best to have the best possible battery performance for mobile purposes.