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Batteries for the LG G3 Mobile Phone

The battery is arguably one of the most important parts of any mobile phone; the heart to the processor’s brains. The battery is what keeps the whole thing going, so when the battery stops working properly the whole phone stops working properly, then it’s time to start looking for a new model, right? Except the battery is also the easiest to replace in a lot of phones, and if you’ve got an LG G3 you won’t have any trouble finding mobile phone batteries to replace the one that’s in there now.

More Common Than You Think

One easy way to figure out if the battery on your phone has died is simply checking whether it will turn on. If it won’t, and there’s no other obvious reason like it was dropped or taken for a swim, you might well be looking at a dead battery. If your phone will only work when it’s plugged in, or if it dies in a matter of hours after taking it off, that’s another sign it needs a new battery. If your phone won’t even last for a normal day of use before running out, get a new battery. Sometimes when the battery fails it will get very hot to the touch, or even bulge. If that happens, stop using the phone immediately as that indicates a ruptured cell, which can be dangerous.

Keeping a Lid on It

If the battery bulges or heats up, or if your LG G3 itself has suffered some general wear and tear, you may also need to replace your LG G3 battery cover. This keeps the dirt out and the battery in. If your phone randomly turns off, it may be that the lid isn’t keeping the battery in place properly any more, and any slight shock can jar it loose.

The Right Battery

If you’ve got an LG G3 phone, you’ll need an LG G3 battery. That might sound obvious, but getting it wrong will at best saddle you with a useless battery. At worst though, installing the wrong battery can break your phone completely. Choose a LG G 33000-4999mAh battery and worry no more.

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