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Batteries for Panasonic Cameras and Camcorders

If you own a Panasonic camera or camcorder, then one of the most important accessories you need is undoubtedly the right camera battery. When it comes to shopping for camera batteries, finding the perfect fit for your device can be more complex than most consumers assume as different Panasonic cameras require very different types of batteries.

Panasonic Battery Overview

Not all products in the Panasonic line take the same batteries. Depending on the style of product, model or even year manufactured, different similar products can use completely different batteries. This is why it is always best to replace old batteries with the exact same brand and model, or if you don't know what battery a product takes, to contact Panasonic directly for the right size.

Li-lon Batteries

If a Panasonic camera requires Li-ion batteries, it means it needs lithium-ion batteries. These are the most common types of batteries used in small handheld electronics and are typically rechargeable. When shopping for Li-ion camera batteries for Panasonic cameras, it is important to check if you have the right charging cords or if you need a wall charger for your ion batteries.

NiMH Batteries

NiMH camera batteries for Panasonic products are a nickel and metal hybrid type of battery. While they aren't as common as Li-ion batteries, you may still find them in some Panasonic electronics, especially older models. Typically, these batteries stay in the device for years before they need to be replaced, but you must have the right charging cord for your camera or camcorder to keep them working properly.

NiCd Batteries

NiCd camera batteries for Panasonic products are another common option of rechargeable batteries for cameras and camcorders. They are rechargeable and have a really high power capacity when compared to other camera batteries. However, these batteries can be sensitive to extreme temperatures and may malfunction or need replacing if they are in extreme heat or cold.

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