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Batteries for Panasonic LUMIX Cameras

Battery for Panasonic LUMIX

Whether youre after a replacement battery for your Panasonic LUMIX or just a backup to take with you on the road, you can find a range of high-quality genuine and third-party batteries from which to select. Check the current battery model in your camera and its milliampere-hour rating, then search for similar batteries or those that are compatible with your LUMIX model.

Genuine vs. Third-Party Batteries

When looking for replacement batteries for your Panasonic LUMIX, you will usually have a choice between genuine Panasonic brand and third-party batteries. While third-party batteries are often more affordable than genuine brands, their performance and reliability is not always guaranteed. Some may not be as durable in extreme weather conditions or may have a shorter life. Always check what you are buying beforehand and read reviews from other customers when it comes to generic third-party batteries.

What Does mAh Mean?

Batteries come with a milliampere-hour rating that details the energy storage capacity of a battery in milliampere hours. The 1500mAh Panasonic LUMIX camera batteries will have a greater storage capacity when compared to 1000mAh Panasonic LUMIX camera batteries, but you can use a higher-rated milliampere-hour battery in your camera without any negative consequences and benefit from longer-term use.

Selecting a Battery

If you want a genuine Panasonic rechargeable lithium-ion battery for your LUMIX, look for 1250mAH, 7.2-volt batteries as a replacement or backup. You can also search for trusted third-party battery brands that manufacture rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for a range of Panasonic models.

Power Kits

In addition to individual batteries for your Panasonic LUMIX, you can also find battery power kits with two lithium-ion batteries and a dual USB charger. Charge two batteries at any one time using a USB power source and benefit from maximum battery life with 2000mAh ratings.

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