Batteries for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a stunning Android smartphone with a large 5.7-inch display and many features to die for, making it more akin to a small tablet than a phone. Luckily, it is also very lightweight, so you can take it with you in your pocket. However, you cannot enjoy any of this fabulous device's exceptional features, such as writing notes on the screen with the S-pen or watching videos in full-HD, if its battery breaks on you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Battery Specs

According to its factory specifications, the Galaxy Note 3 can be on standby for up to 380 hours. If you extensively surf the web or watch a lot of videos and listen to music, the battery life is significantly shorter, and this is true for all mobile phone batteries. You can either listen to 84 hours of music, watch videos for 13 hours, talk for 21 hours, or surf online for 11 hours.

Check Under the Cover

Before starting your quest for a battery replacement, take note what you need. Fortunately, it is a removable battery, so you can do it all by yourself. You would have much more trouble with the Edge models that simply do not open up. Find the battery model number from the battery itself and search according to this. Before ordering, you could check photos to see if the number is written on the battery.

Match the Capacity

The standard battery capacity for the Galaxy Note 3 is 3200 mAh. However, if it fits, you can choose a battery with higher capacity like 5000-10000 mAh mobile phone batteries for Samsung or even more than 10000 mAh mobile phone batteries for Samsung. With more battery capacity, your mobile phone lasts longer. You do need to check the dimensions because the battery needs to fit under the cover.

Extending Your Battery Life

Once you install your new battery, everything might seem perfect again. If you want this to last, take some precautions to expand the battery's lifespan. It does include an internal protective circuitry that does not allow it to overcharge, stopping once it hits 100 percent, but leaving it plugged in for longer than 24 hours is still not a good idea. The battery could overheat and suffer some damage. Also, try to keep the phone and charger away from direct sunlight at all times, and keep it in a dry place. Finally, always charge with a designated charger, as the wrong one could corrupt your battery.