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Batteries for Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is one of Samsung's most popular smartphones with an array of features and accessories. One of the most essential smartphone items is, of course, the battery. The phone features a removable battery, which gives you the freedom to replace it as it becomes old and has been through numerous charging cycles or to purchase a spare. There are a number of Samsung Galaxy Note II chargers and cradles with which you can charge your spare battery and ensure you remain connected at all times. Having a spare battery to hand makes sense, as replacing it is far more cost-effective than to replace the phone in its entirety.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Charging Cradle

Many Samsung Galaxy Note II charging cradles offer you the ability to not only charge your phone, but charge up a spare battery as well. Whilst you can slot the phone into the docking station, the cradle also has a holder for the battery to rest where it can charge. The dual function of the charging cradle makes it a great desk accessory.


Samsung Galaxy Note II battery is a 3,100mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This results in a high-powered battery that will provide up to 890 hours of standby time, however the usage of apps and the phone in general can drain the battery somewhat faster. The battery is equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC), a data transfer system that allows information to be passed between devices over extremely short distances, from 3 mm to 10 cm. Slimline and lightweight, the batteries are compact and barely take up any room at all.

NFC Capable

Constructed with an NFC antenna, the Samsung Galaxy Note II battery is geared with cutting-edge technology. NFC allows information to be passed from one smartphone to another by simply pressing them together, eliminating the usual Bluetooth search and pair process. By cutting out a lot of waiting time for files to upload and send, NFC makes the process of file sharing faster and more streamlined.

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