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Batteries for Samsung Laptops

Laptop Batteries for Samsung

Whether you are looking for Samsung 6 laptop batteries or Samsung 9 laptop batteries or in between, there are several options available. Purchasing a new battery could be a good way to extend the life of your laptop if the battery isnt lasting long, or if you need a backup battery when youre travelling or on the go. Having a spare battery for your laptop can be a great option for times when you wont be able to charge your laptop the traditional way.


When looking for a battery for your Samsung laptop, its important to know the specifications of the battery you are looking for as these can vary by model. Samsung laptops typically use 11.1-volt batteries, though the capacity can vary with Samsung notebook 6 owners typically needing a 5200mAh battery, and Samsung notebook 9 owners typically needing a 7800mAh battery. The cell count of your battery is another detail of which to be mindful.

Cell count

The number of cells in a laptop battery corresponds to the length of time a laptop will last using that battery. The cell count of the battery needed for your Samsung laptop can vary depending on the model you own. Samsung notebook 6 laptops commonly use 6-cell batteries, for example, whereas Samsung notebook 9 laptops commonly use 9-cell batteries.


While purchasing a spare Samsung-branded laptop battery is possible for your Samsung notebook, there are other brands available as well. It is possible to purchase a generic brand laptop battery that is compatible with your Samsung notebook, and these can be an option if youre wanting a cheaper backup battery or if Samsung no longer manufactures the exact battery for your notebook.

Types of Batteries Available

Depending on your needs and your budget, there are several types of batteries available. Most batteries are new, however, there are some options for refurbished Samsung laptop batteries, meaning that the battery has been refurbished by an accredited manufacturer. Options for secondhand batteries are also available and can be an affordable option.

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