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Battery Chargers and Docks for Nikon Cameras

Getting the perfect picture starts with fully charging your batteries. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a photoshoot and your camera dying. You can't very well tell the bride and groom to wait while you swap them. Make sure your batteries are always ready to go by charging after each use. Camera battery chargers and docks have two basic designs. The first requires removing the battery and placing it on the charger. The second allows the charge to occur simply by plugging in the adapter cord or setting the camera on the dock.

Stick with the Real Thing

One way you know the charger is compatible with your model is to choose a genuine Nikon camera battery charger and dock. Often the name brand gives you a faster charge, but that doesn't mean you have to go with a name brand charger.

Compatible is Just as Good

To make life easier, companies use rechargeable batteries in cameras. It's cheaper and better for the environment. Compatible battery chargers work with a wide assortment of devices. The only trick involved with using a compatible device is to make sure it is rated to charge your camera's batteries.

Know Your Model

In order to get a product that will charge your camera's batteries, you need to know what series (model) of Nikon camera you own. A battery charger and dock for Nikon D cameras might not work on other models.

Charge on the Go

With all the changes in technology, it's nice to know that camera companies aren't falling behind. You can charge on the go. Battery chargers and docks for the Nikon Coolpix are USB compatible so that you can get a quick charge in the car on your way to the event.

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