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Battery Chargers and Docks for Sony Camcorder

Battery chargers and docks for Sony camcorders are important tools for ensuring that your camera is ready to use when you need it. As well as camera battery chargers for your home, there are some designed for you to take with you on the go. With so many different types of Sony battery chargers to choose from, you can be confident that you always have plenty of power to capture the important moments of your life on your camcorder.

Sony Camcorder Charging Cradles

Some camcorder camera battery charging cradles for Sony are designed to charge a single battery at a time, while others can charge two batteries at a time. Some of these cradles have flat bases, and they can sit on nearly any flat surface. Others feature anchoring points in the back that allow you to easily attach them to a wall, so that you can use less counter space.

Sony Camcorder Wall Chargers

Camcorder camera battery wall chargers for Sony feature a cord that goes directly from a standard wall socket to the charging mechanism that connects to the battery. Most of them feature fairly short cords, so that the charger stays close to the wall. However, there are some models available with longer cords. You can also connect nearly any of these chargers to an extension cord if you need more length.

Sony Camcorder Car Chargers

Sony camcorder car chargers are useful for charging your camera on the go. These chargers connect directly to the 12-volt DC receptacle that is a standard part of most cars. These chargers function while the car is running, or simply when the keys are in the ignition.

Sony Camcorder Portable Chargers

Sony camcorder portable chargers are mobile power packs that you can take with you anywhere. You charge them ahead of time using a standard electrical outlet, and then you can use them to charge your camcorder battery. They are ideal for filming in areas with limited electricity.

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