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Battery Leaf Blowers and Vacuums

A battery powered blower is perfect for keeping your property free of leaves and debris. Unlike the traditional rake and bucket method, a blower allows you to move large amounts of leaves in a short amount of time. Battery powered blowers are often a better choice than petrol for small to medium-sized properties. Some leaf blowers have a bag attached to them, giving them dual functionality as a blower and vacuum. Shop from a wide range of electric blowers and blower vacuums to suit all needs and budgets.

The Advantages of Battery Powered Blowers

Battery powered blowers are ideal for the home handyperson and those that want to keep small areas clear of debris. They are usually much lighter than petrol powered models, and they are also much quieter with less vibration. They do not have any cords attached, and recharging is as simple as plugging it in and waiting 30-50 minutes for it to reach full charge. Corded electric leaf blowers and vacuums are another alternative to petrol models. They will need to be plugged into a powerpoint, but they still offer a quieter experience compared to petrol. If you are interested in a battery powered model, you should look for one that uses a lithium ion battery if you want the longest runtime and consistent power delivery.

Vacuum Blowers

When shopping for a battery powered blower, you may notice that some models come with a vacuum bag attached. This can be used to vacuum debris such as leaves, clippings and grass. This is a handy feature to have if you do not want to cause unnecessary spreading of debris, such as around your pool or car. It is also handy to remove leaves from within garden and flower beds. The vacuum function can be activated by switching the tube around, and it will suck up debris for easy disposal in your green waste bin. Keep in mind that the vacuum bags only hold a small amount of leaves, so they will need to be emptied on a regular basis. Some models will shred them to further increase the carrying capacity.

Adjustments on Battery Powered Blowers

Some battery powered blowers come with more adjustable options than others. For example, some of them have a variable air flow, which allows you to customise the air speed when using it around delicate plants and flowers. Some blowers are designed for left and right handed users, and this will allow you to alternate hands to reduce strain and fatigue. Finally, some models come with the ability to be mounted on your back, whilst others are handheld only. You should consider the unique requirements of the user when deciding on a model, as some models will provide you with better ergonomics and will be better suited to the areas you plan to use it in.

Spare Parts for Blowers and Vacuums

You can generally expect a long service life from your battery powered blower, but it is good to know that there are a range of leaf blower vacuum parts available if you ever need to replace something. Spare parts include items such as replacement bags, batteries and chargers.

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