Battery Portable Fans

Battery-Powered Portable Fans

When you need air on the go, cut the cord and go with a portable fan. Battery-powered fans dont limit you to requiring an outlet to cool off, as you can easily take these home appliances that offer numerous features with you wherever you go. Available in a range of sizes to meet almost every need, battery-powered fans can sit on a desk or slip into your beach bag to provide air wherever you need it.

What Are Some Types of Fans?

Battery-powered fans may be small, but they come in a variety of sizes for multiple applications. A handheld fan is typically palm-sized and provides enough air for one person, and handheld battery-operated fans are portable fans you can take with you anywhere. Desk fans are larger than handheld fans, but theyre usually not oversized. These fans may sit on or clip onto your desk to provide a cool breeze.

What Are Some Features of Fans?

A fan packing a lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, so you dont have to buy batteries when its out of juice. Bladeless fans are safe to use even for kids, and a USB-powered fan can be plugged into a USB port for convenience. A fan attached to a mister not only cools you off with air, but lets you spray refreshing water on your face or body on a hot day.