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Baumr-AG Chainsaws

Baumr-AG chainsaws for an efficient arvo of backyard work

Baumr-AG chainsaws are hard grafting power tools that are suitable for a wide range of backyard maintenance chores. They have been sold in Australia for over a decade. Baumr-AG is a solid brand that offers a range of options to suit your requirements.

Alternative types of Baumr AG chainsaws

Baumr AG chainsaws that are specifically tailored for the arborist are available in cordless and petrol designs. Models are typically fitted with a 10 or 24-inch bar for precision pruning. The commercial 92 cc petrol model has a 24-inch sprocket nose bar and chain and is supplied with a chain sharpener, earmuffs, goggles, and gloves. The balanced design of the arborist saw makes the clearing of overhanging branches and brush removal easy.

These models are typically supplied with an assortment of Baumr-AG chainsaw accessories. The 65 cc 2-stroke engine has a recoil starting system and superior engine housing for resistance to knocks. The 12-inch sprocket nose bar easily tackles pruning and sculpting and is supplied with a protective cover. Choose from six different models.

Baumr-AG chainsaws that feature a top handle dont hold back on power and are manufactured to a professional standard. These chainsaws feature a 24-inch sprocket nose bar with semi chisel chain for accelerated accurate log cuts, with reduced kickback. The top handle offers a secure grip with maximum manoeuvrability.

Extend your tools life with proper maintenance

Cutting wood with a dull chain leads to excessive wear on your Baumr AG chainsaw, as well as a higher fuel consumption. Over time a chains sharpness will become impaired even if you have avoided cutting into soil and rocks.

If you are using a chainsaw for long periods, its important to sharpen the chain with a file every time that you stop to refuel. Sharpening little but often is better than having to file a chain that has been neglected for a long time. Regular filing also improves the precision of the bars cutting. Check your model to ensure you are using the correct oil.