Bayonets to keep your collection sharp

Bayonets are an ideal item for those looking for some militaria collectibles. Find bayonets that were attached to rifles or those used as a secondary weapon, both ideal for adding to your collection. No matter the style of bayonet you're looking for, you're bound to find something to suit your collector's cabinet here on eBay.

Bayonets from every country and period

The wide selection of bayonets dates far back into the 1900s, carrying history within their sharp blades from all over the world. With patterns that range from simplistic to stylish for their era, there's sure to be something to your liking. Some bayonets come with additional weapons, so you can deepen your collection with the attached rifles, or individual components, such as scabbards, specially-manufactured grips, and even original imperial acceptance stamps.

Learn about life during war with the soldiers that fought in them. Capture an important piece of military history, with butcher knives and rifles also available for purchase. From the most common arsenal to the rarer finds from the past, it's good to find a group of collectors who understand the importance of authentic antiques.

Discover a bayonet from an MK2 Lee rifle, a WW1 Ottoman short blade bayonet with a scabbard, and a French bayonet from WW1 for the M1866 rifle. Or go for a classic 303 bayonet including a rifle bracket.

Some of the items have remained unchanged, untouched throughout the ages with no additional furnishing or embellishments to help with its longevity. The item you're getting belonged in the very hands of its owners, and it's that authenticity that our buyers appreciate.

If learning about military history interests you, or you take pride in having the best collection of antiques, or you're looking to add an impactful atmosphere to your home décor, then look no further than the collections on eBay. There's no doubt that bringing the past to the present has never been easier.