Bb Clarinets

You wont be flat with the Bb Clarinet

A good clarinet can mean the difference between a standing ovation and snores from the crowd. The Bb clarinet is the most commonly used type of woodwind instrument. Brands range from Yamaha to Grenadilla and even Buffet Crampon. A Bb clarinet from Yamaha or Buffet Crampon usually has many additional features which can be used to achieve a different or more unique sound.

The type of Bb clarinet you choose will depend on the instrument you want to play, the type of music you would like to create and whether or not you want the warm orchestral tone or the softer and more delicate symphonic feel.

Clarinet Ligatures

The Bb clarinet is classed as being a woodwind instrument. Another feature of the clarinet is that it has a ligature. The ligature can affect the tone and even how the clarinet plays as well. When you attach the reed to the mouthpiece, the ligature controls how much the reed itself vibrates. The ligature also helps you to achieve that full and rich sound, and a good ligature can also help you to prevent any unnecessary wear on your reeds.

Clarinet Reeds

Not every single clarinet reed is created the same. A lot of seasoned players will tell you that by changing the reed that you have, you can make all of the difference with your sound. There are plenty of brands to choose from including Rigotti, Legere and Selmer. As an instrumentalist, the reeds strength and cut should be a serious consideration. A 5 is the hardest and this produces a very hard and thick sound. A reed listed as number 1 is very easy to play and very sustainable however you may not be getting the best result out of your sound or the clarinet that you have in general.