Get serious about jewellery making

Are you ready to step up your jewellery making and beading game? eBay is your number one place to start a new hobby and even turn your interests into a business.

Beading equipment

Beading is a fun hobby, but if you get good enough, it can even turn into a business! So, if you want to take your beading seriously, there is a huge range of essential tools right here on eBay. You’ll find the basics such as beading looms and needles, which can also be useful when making bracelets and other jewellery. Get a mixture of different-sized needles, so that you can bead any size you want. You can also find a great selection of beading boards and mats to work on, and trays to keep all of your beads and tools in order. Best of all, if you get all of the gear you need, you can even teach the kids and give them a brand-new hobby for those rainy days!

Jewellery tools

If you want to try your hand at jewellery making, you’ll need plenty of tools and you can find them all right here on eBay. For decorative pieces, you can find jewellery stamps and punches. For the finer pieces, you’ll need professional jewellery hammers, which you can find in a range of different sizes. There is also some hardware to consider, such as jewellery making tweezers, loupes and magnifiers. It also won’t hurt to check out the range of jewellery saws and blades.

Another popular item you may want to look for is a ring sizing kit. This gives you a soft hammer, ring sizing gauge and sizing stick. This will let you make perfectly sized rings for yourself, your friends and your family. Or, for your clients, if you start jewellery as a side business!

Full jewellery making tool sets

If you really want to get a professional setup, consider some of the great jewellery making tool sets here on eBay. There are full engraving tool sets with attachments, ring and earring bending machines, rolling mill machines and so much more.