Bean Bags

Because of its nature, bean bags can come in hundreds of designs that are sure to fit anyone’s style for easy seating in a fun, casual setting. There are couch-shaped bean bags, sneaker bean bags, ottoman bean bags, and the classic bean bag design, among others. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to traditional couches, what with its lack of upholstery and other expensive elements. This means that each person in the family can have their very own bean bag to enjoy quality time in the living room.

Cotton Bean Bags

These bags are covered in a cotton case and ensure comfort above all else. With good sewing, cotton is very sturdy and can handle your weight just fine. This fabric is soft to the touch, so it basically feels like you’re lying down on a cloud. Because of cotton’s inherent softness, many designs are limited in shape. If you’re buying a cotton bean bag for the first time, it might be better to stick with the traditional bag design so you get a good baseline experience.

Leather Bean Bags

Leather is a sturdy material that looks better with age. Authentic leather can be quite expensive compared to cotton, so be sure to have tried more approachable alternatives before diving into this upgrade. Many leather bean bags use a couch-like design complete with back and arm rests. These make for fitting additions to a reading room. Just find a nice corner with a tall enough lamp and plop yourself down with a good book.


Despite their simplicity, bean bag chairs are actually highly ergonomic. They basically cradle your body when you sit so your spine has support at the natural curvature, thereby increasing comfort. It’s definitely ideal for anyone looking to relax their body after a long hard day. Bean bags are simple and versatile. They are lightweight, comfortable, portable, and long lasting, so it really shouldn’t hurt to get one for your bedroom, living room, or even your patio.