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Beanie Boos

While most people have heard of Beanie Babies, their manufacturer, TY, offers a whole world of collectable cuteness in a huge range of toy brands. From Punkies and Pluffies, to Teenie Beanie Babies and Baby Boppers, there is something for everyone in the plush world of TY. Having been around since 2009, Beanie Boos are another TY creation - and just like the Beanie Babies that came before them, there are plenty of Beanie Boos to be collected.

Colourful and cute, with oh-so big eyes, these adorable little critters can't wait to be cuddled. Unless, they are collectibles, of course - then they are meant to categorised and collected, showed off on shelves or kept safely behind glass. Whether for the serious collector, or the kid who simply loves the Beanie Boo cuteness, eBay is most definitely the place to buy these plush little stuffed animals . From unicorns and rabbits, to ladybirds and goldfish, eBay has a vast array of TY Beanie Boos just waiting to be snapped up.

Buying Beanie Boos

When buying a Beanie Boo new, it will come with a heart-shaped tag that has the toy's name inside, along with a little poem. This introduces the Beanie Boo, allowing it to become part of the family. Just like Beanie Babies, Beanie Boos can be collected to create full sets, or they can simply provide a soft little friend for little kids to play with. Check out the range to find the perfect gift, or the one that will complete the set. With so many options on offer, eBay not only makes it easy to compare Beanie Boos and their characteristics, it also makes comparing prices easy too. When it comes to the more collectable Beanie Boos, eBay can allow collectors to find the best price for those elusive Boos missing from their collection.