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Bearing Buddies Trailer Parts Accessories

Anyone who owns a trailer will know just how important it is to keep all of the parts in perfect condition; otherwise, the entire system will quickly fail. A trailer’s bearings are prone to damage due to the water and dirt that can easily lodge within, and so you need to keep them protected. Bearing buddies offer a simple way to protect the bearings using a pressure relief system and these innovative gadgets work with all models of trailer like boat, snowmobile, ATV and horse carriers.

Trailer Bearing Protection

You can easily install Bearing buddies onto your trailer’s bearings and will protect them for years from damage. These simple devices keep water, dirt and grease out of the trailer’s bearings by using a slight pressure system, which prevents anything from entering the hub. These devices will last the life of your trailer and are an easy and affordable way to prevent damage. Bearing buddies are made to suit a number of devices, including horse, boat, jet ski and utility trailers, and are seamlessly compatible with your boat trailer rollers and other parts.

Different Sizes

There are a number of sizes of bearing buddies available, depending on your trailer’s needs. Bearing buddies sell in pairs but it is possible to get a pack of four, with each model measuring in millimetres so that you can find the correct one to match your hub and trailer. If in doubt, you can measure the dimensions of your hub before ordering your bearing buddies to be certain.

Easy Installation

Installing bearing buddies is simple to do and takes just minutes, giving your trailer a lifetime of protection. Bearing buddies also come with dust covers, which you can easily place over the top for further protection from damage. Simply fill the bearing buddies with grease and replace the old ones in your hub, then add the washer and locking nut, as usual, gently hammering them into place.


Bearing buddies come in two different materials: chrome plated or stainless steel, depending on the wheel trailer parts you need. These tough materials are ideal for keeping the water and dirt from entering wheel bearings of your trailer, and ensuring that they last for many years to come.