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Bed Feather Pillows

Feather pillows are ideal for those who want a touch of luxury while they sleep and they make up an important part of our bedding setup. A feather pillow is usually made of a mixture of both down and feathers, with the more down meaning a softer pillow. However, pillows with a higher down content usually also come at a more expensive price. There are different options including neck pillow, body pillow, and head pillow styles depending on where you want the support.

The Features of a Feather Pillow

Just like your bed sheets, there are varying grades that feather pillows come in relating to their softness. Some prefer a firmer pillow and others like something soft and lightweight. In addition to choosing the perfect mixture of feather and down, there are other features to consider. Hypoallergenic feather and down pillows are great for people with allergies and asthma and there is the option of duck or goose feather to choose from. These pillows come in various sizes and shapes, with the most common being the rectangular standard measurement, however you can also choose from continental and other sizes.

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