Bedroom Day Beds

Bedroom Daybeds

Accommodate your last-minute guest on a bedroom daybed that gives her a good nights sleep while meshing beautifully with your decor. The multi-functional daybed is practical, whatever the hour of day or night. It not only offers extra seating space for you to put your feet up or work on your laptop, but also offers a cosy spot for a nap, a comfortable sleeping area and additional storage space for pillows, blankets, toys and books in those that feature drawers or shelves.


Having a multi-purpose daybed makes sense wherever space is at a premium. A single-size daybed does not take up much space in a small bedsit, while a king single daybed gives growing teens a comfortable space to lounge and sit without cramping their style.


Choose the type of bedroom furniture material that is tough enough to take on the double duty of both sofa and bed without coming apart, such as the solidly constructed timber daybeds that can take a few knocks, or the sturdily framed metal daybeds that are extremely comfortable with the firm support of foam or spring-lined mattresses.


Complement your bedrooms existing French country decor with the charm of a linen-upholstered daybed complete with arched foot and headboards, or place a floral daybed in your classical-style guest bedroom to provide optimal comfort. A cool, sleek daybed fits right into your contemporary setting, while a singular, vintage carved daybed injects an air of romance that is hard to miss anywhere.


Make the most of features that many daybeds have, such as storing your current reading list on outdoor daybeds that include bookshelves as you read, swim and relax by the pool. During sleepovers, instantly double the sleeping area with trundles that wheel out easily, while storing frequently used items in in-built wheeled drawers that slide out without a snag to keep them organised, concealed and at hand.