Bedroom Wall Stickers

Bedroom Wall Stickers

Bedroom wall stickers are a fantastic way to liven up a blank wall and give a child’s or adult’s room some added personality. There is a huge range of designs to choose from, including inspiring quotes, geometric shapes, designs inspired by nature and many more. Stickers are available in different sizes, colours and materials, so you can put your stamp on a space to make it truly yours.

Sticker Options

Stickers are sometimes called decals. Hence, when searching, you might find what you’re looking for listed under either “stickers” or “decals”. Either way, these items come in either permanent or removable varieties. Unless you have a specific reason for wanting one or more permanent wall decal, a temporary sticker is a far less final way to decorate your walls, leaving you the scope for a revamp any time you wish.

Preparing the Wall

Before you put up wall stickers, check the paint surface. Old and flaking paint isn’t suitable for stickers, and if you have freshly painted walls it is recommended that you let the paint dry for at least four weeks before applying decals to the surface. Your chosen designs should be placed on a clean, dry surface that is free from any imperfections in the paint, to make it easier to remove without damage later on.

Timeless Bedroom Wall Stickers

If you’re looking to put some sticker designs on your bedroom walls, think about the space you have to work with as well as the overall look of the room. While removable stickers are generally best, that doesn’t mean that it will be cheap or even possible to move or replace them frequently. Consider your overall bedroom design, especially in regards to colours and shapes. Ideally, choose a sticker that you are happy to live with for some time.

Bedroom Wall Stickers for Children

Adding stickers to the walls is a great way to personalise and decorate your nursery or children’s bedroom. Your child will be thrilled to see their favourite characters on the wall if you choose Disney bedroom wall stickers ; cute generic animal motifs can transform a nursery. Older children and teenagers might prefer a quote or geometric designs to give their room extra character.