On average people sleep for a third of their lives, and a good night's sleep can determine the mood of the next day. Purchasing a quality double bed frame for your mattress is an investment not only in household furniture but also in your health and well-being. A double bed base usually needs to support two people and allow for easy movement, materials that please the senses, comfort for both people, and deep relaxation. A good double bed frame and mattress is the key to good sleep for you and your partner.

Double bed frame design

A double bed frame can give your mattress a longer life and also compliment your bedroom style. eBay offers a range of double bed frames in a great choice of materials, including timber, metal and upholstered leather. Frame design can be chosen to suit your bedroom style. You may want to put an antique timber frame with a vintage interior design or a wooden slatted double bed base with a contemporary futon. Smaller spaces can be easily furnished by choosing a single bed frame.

Sleep support for your spine

Some double bed mattresses offer a soft support that you can sink into when you sleep; other mattresses offer firmness and specialised spinal support. Padding of top layers and specialist design of internal layers can allow a mattress to contour to your body shape. Before buying your double bed mattress, consider the range of options in materials and features. You may want a hypo-allergenic mattress. This means that the materials the mattress is made from are dust and mite resistant and non-irritating to sensitive skin.

Explore extra features

One of the features that might make it easier for you to care for your mattress is side handles. This allows you to turn your double bed mattress as needed. Some mattresses feature a pillow layer ensuring your head and neck are supported, often with structural design recommended by chiropractic research. Mattress covers range from organic cotton to imported knits. Double bed mattress toppers in bamboo, egg crate cut foam and latex can provide further options for comfort and luxury.

Once you have explored the range of double bed frames and mattresses, consider the range of headboards and footboards, adding a touch of class or colour to your bedroom design. Consider a classic or contemporary design, from diamond pleated to stylishly studded upholstery at eBay today!