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Looking for an elegant yet practical bedside table for your bedroom? It's hard to go past a unique mirror bedside table in a contemporary or art deco style that will surely become one of the standout features of the whole room. There are some gorgeous white bedside tables and oak bedside tables to be found on eBay, but if your heart is set on an exquisite mirror bedside table, let's talk about your options.

Mirrored bedside table styles

With various exclusive styles for sale through different manufacturers, you can find a mirrored bedside table that's got all the functionality and design elements you desire. A Vegas style mirror bedside table is a European, art deco inspired, fully mirrored 3-drawer chest piece that beautifully reflects the light with a 4mm beveled mirror with rounded edges. A Vegas bedside table is typically 58cm high x 40cm wide x 40cm deep. To add another dimension to your mirrored furniture, consider a 'Vegas Smoke' style silver/grey finish, which is easier to clean and maintain yet still reflects everything in the room, creating the appearance of an even larger, more luxurious space. A Roma style mirror bedside table is the next step up, offering a similar look and feel to the Vegas piece but with additional storage space. These items are 66cm high x 45cm wide x 45cm deep. Want a touch of 'wow' factor in your bedroom? This is the piece of furniture for you.

Features and details

Ideally your dazzling new piece of bedroom furniture will come with smooth, easy-gliding drawers and sturdy handles in chrome and crystal. In some items the mirrored sections sit inside a framework of copper plated steel tubing, which makes the piece hard wearing as well as beautiful.

Combination sets

You will commonly find sets of mirrored furniture pieces sold together, such as a set of two or three matching nightstands or one mirror bedside table with a mirror tallboy or mirror console. These items often come fully assembled and may require you to assist the delivery person with lifting.

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