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Bedwetting Alarm Incontinence Aids

Bedwetting Alarm Incontinence Aids

A bedwetting alarm is one of the most effective incontinence aids available. The alarm can be clipped onto a childs pyjamas or underwear near where the urine is expelled, and at the first sign of bedwetting, the child will wake up with a gentle alarm sound. There are also alarms that emit a vibration for children who have impaired hearing. Another effective incontinence aid are nappies, and for adults, pelvic exercisers.

Choosing a Bedwetting Alarm

Before choosing your bedwetting alarm, it is important to consider where it is going to be placed. Some alarms attach to the childs pyjamas or underwear, whilst others are clipped onto the bed sheet; determine which will be more comfortable for your child. A crucial factor is how the device is turned off. Some incontinence aids require you to remove them from the wetness before they turn off automatically. Others need to be manually switched off by a separate unit away from the alarm.

Types of Alarm

Despite all bedwetting alarms doing the same job, they all come in different shapes and sizes and have varying functions. Enuresis mattresses will alert the bedwetter as soon as any moisture touches anywhere on the bed; these are available in any size. Other alarms are less obvious and use a sensor around childrens waists and an alarm on their shoulders to wake them up. As well as child versions of these incontinence aids, they are also available for bigger beds and for adults.

Pelvic Exercisers

A highly-effective incontinence aid for women is a pelvic floor exerciser. Each exerciser is different and works the pelvic floor muscles in varying ways; however, they are all designed to strengthen the muscles that will help to reduce incontinence. Most exercisers will help to improve the use of your pelvic muscles within two weeks, but can be used longer if needed.

Incontinence Pads

Incontinence pads are another effective way of preventing embarrassment. Cloth nappies can help to keep you dry whilst going about your day. Most are very discreet, thanks to the cloth outer layer, and dry, thanks to the microfibre inner layer.