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Bee Silicone Soap Moulds

Homemade Soaps look Store-Bought with Bee Silicone Soap Moulds

When it comes to making your own soap, there is a wide variety of moulds to choose from in a range of shapes, sizes and materials. One of the most commonly used moulds is a silicone soap mould. Their popularity stems from their simplicity. Not only do they make unmoulding effortless, they also provide a professional-looking final product and are incredibly easy to clean, ready for your next batch.

Easy to use

Silicone soap moulds are sturdy and durable, so they will be a long-lasting addition to your handmade soap kit. Because they are flexible, unmoulding your soaps is a quick and easy process, and the non-stick material they are made of eliminates the need for a lining. This makes them incredibly convenient, as you don’t need any other moulding materials to produce beautiful soaps. Once you’ve unmoulded your soaps, cleaning the silicone mould is a simple task requiring only hot water and detergent. You can get started on the next batch immediately.


Silicone soap moulds are manufactured to a high standard, making it easy to deliver a next-level, professional end product. The smooth material used in their silicone soap moulds result in a glossy final product, giving your handmade soaps a store-bought finish you can be proud to give to your friends and family.


Silicone soap moulds come in a variety of designs. Bee patterns are just one of many styles that you can use to personalise your soaps, making the final products a thoughtful and unique gift.

Whether you’re an expert looking to expand your collection of moulds or a beginner just starting out in soap making, eBay has a wide variety of bee silicone soap moulds to choose from. Check out eBay’s specialist sellers’ and stores’ extensive range today.