Beehives for your backyard

Some people say that at least one in every three mouthfuls of food you eat completely relies on bee pollination to exist. Some would say more. With global bee populations in decline, having your own beehive to support our essential buzzy friends is a great hobby to have.

Many people enjoy having beehives as it is a good excuse to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Of course, being able to harvest your own honey to share with your friends and family is incredibly satisfying, and you are one step closer to having the livestock supplies and equipment you need to be self-sufficient.

With Australias plentiful sunshine and general suitability for growing plants, there are plenty of opportunities for bees to amass pollen, and turn it into honey. With just a small amount of equipment, you can do it yourself for the odd jar of honey as a hobbyist, or turn the idea into something a bit more commercial.

Busy as a bee

Beekeeping can be pretty simple once you have all of the materials. Some are essential for maximising your harvesting efforts throughout the year. A smoker helps to keep the bees calm. Gloves are a must for minimising danger to yourself, and of course, you need a beehive.

Beehives are available in a range of designs. Traditional, wooden beehives look great, and modern plastic versions are easier to move. Whichever route you choose to go down, you can find what you need as well as other beekeeping supplies on eBay.

Essentials for your honey supply

No bee hive is complete without a scraper for removing wax. Scrapers are also handy for inspecting the hive and ensuring any unwanted insects dont disturb the bees.

If youre looking for a new hobby or fancy yourself as a beekeeper extraordinaire, get producing your own delicious honey with your very own beehive, and pat yourself on the back for supporting pollination in the area.