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Behringer Pro Audio Mixers

Behringer Pro Audio Mixers

Pro audio mixers in musical performances continue to change and evolve year after year. With so many models on the market, how do you know which one is best for you? Start by learning what options and features are available, then which will be most beneficial for your music. Aim for equipment that makes stunning professional-quality recordings that will blow the roof off your live gigs.

Wire Free

Behringer wireless pro audio mixers give you more freedom to work the way you like to work. Mixers by their very nature seem to involve more wires than anyone really thinks about playing with at one time, and a wireless model creates untold convenience. The XR12 boasts 12 inputs and is suitable for both live and studio applications. Whats more, it uses USB connectivity for system updates and file storage. Its a portable or rack-mountable mixer for use with Android and iPad tablets.

Input Options

Can you have too many inputs on your Behringer pro audio mixer? No, you cannot. While you might not need that many inputs when you first get started, you might need more as your business grows. Inputs accept microphones plus line-level devices like preamps, amplifiers, and signal processors. Most musicians are happy with a 24-channel mixer.

Band Equalisers

Band equalisation, or EQ, adjusts the signal’s frequency response. With a Behringer 3-band equaliser pro audio mixer, you get everything you need to deliver a high octane, high-energy performance.

Digital Mixers

If you want instant changes to signal routing, flexible and extensive signal dynamics, along with an amazing array of effects, you cant go wrong with a digital mixer. Nothing is easier than triggering pre-programmed routing and effects with the touch of a button. Whats more, some digital models are compatible with software plug-ins, which extend its tone-shaping capabilities even further.