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Belkin Surge Protector

Protect your electrical devices against voltage spikes with a Belkin surge protector. It limits the voltage that is supplied to your electrical devices by either blocking or shorting to ground when it gets above a safe threshold. It also providing additional outlets to power your devices. Select a 6-outlet surge protector or opt for an 8-outlet surge protector if you want additional room to charge multiple devices from a single wall power socket.

Joule Ratings

Surge protectors normally come with a joule rating, which defines how much energy they can theoretically absorb in a single event. While many look for high joule ratings, a lower joule rating does not necessarily mean less protection, but may mean that joules are being effectively dissipated harmlessly into the ground, rather than being absorbed by the surge protector.

Single-Outlet Surge Protector

Do you just want to protect a single A/V power socket? You can find Belkin single-outlet surge protectors that are approved for a top-voltage protection rating of 500 volts. Noise filtration helps to reduce any noise disruption, giving a clean flow of electricity to your devices, while its compact design makes it extremely portable to take with you on the road.

USB Charging Ports

If you want additional USB charging outlets as well as AC power sockets, then look for Belkin 8-outlet surge strips with dual USB charging ports. They come with a convenient 2 metre length cord for greater flexibility and will safeguard all your personal devices from system crashes, file corruption or data loss caused by power surges. Charge your tablet and smartphone with ease and at maximum charging speeds with 900 joules of surge protection.

Gold Series

If you're looking for the highest joule ratings to protect your home theatre system and professional workstations, opt for the Gold Series surge protectors of Belkin computer accessories. They provide greater spike and lightning absorption, as well as additional protection levels for telephone, ADSL and coaxial lines. Recessed sockets and insulated pin plugs also offer an added level of safety if you have young children.