Belly Bandit for before and after baby

Belly Bandit are apologising to tummy-tuck surgeons all over the world. Their products tackle the post-baby belly, without surgery. They aim to shrink your belly, waist, and hips post-pregnancy. They also offer a diverse range of maternity clothing, and essentials to keep you comfy throughout the whole process. They will keep you feeling your best with designs that aid recovery, healing, and simply provide the support you need.

Belly Bandit maternity range

Whilst you're busy nurturing your baby, Belly Bandit aim to support your bump. This brand offers specially designed support leggings, thigh disguise designs, belly boost wraps, and bandit straps for your bump. Their clothing will give you the pick-me-up you need, literally.

When trying to prevent stretch marks, you don't need anything else to worry about. Their unique Wonder Weave material keeps oils, and lotions from ruining your clothes, acting as a protective layer. Go crazy with lotion, without a worry of ruining your t-shirt.

Belly Bandit postpartum range

Innovative designs that offer the traditional compression method, with style. The compression method has been used safely for many hundreds of years by women all over the world. Weight gain during pregnancy causes a lot of stretching in your skin, weakened tummy muscles. Your tummy skin can be left delicate, and thin, so it requires a wrap of comfort, and support to recover.

Applying pressure with a wrap can help to shape your body over time, Belly Bandit's one-size fits all is patented. The stretch, and compress fabric will transform the way you look instantly, and hopefully (and more importantly) the way you feel too.

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Other Belly Bandit

Also offering a collection of nursing tops, and bras, breastfeed in style. Pair your shapewear with this feature, and have everything you need.