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For over five decades, Ben Sherman has been at the forefront of youth culture. What started as a small venture making shirts for other people, Ben Sherman branched out on his own and grew the brand into one of the largest menswear brands in the world. The brand's influence on musical culture is remarkable, with bands and artists adopting the Ben Sherman look from the 60's through to today.

Having now evolved into a designer of much more than great shirts, Ben Sherman offers an eclectic, fashionable mix of shirts, shorts, pants, jeans, coats, jackets and jumpers and even swimwear. When you want the finest quality mixed with styles and designs that are perennially on trend, look no further than Ben Sherman.

Stylish shirts for men

For the modern man who likes to look his best in all situations, Ben Sherman is a brand you'll definitely want to check out. From short sleeves to long, from bright and bold to classic and understated, there's heaps of designs to suit a man of style. From the office to the nightlife, Ben Sherman shirts should be a staple of any fashion-conscious guy's wardrobe.

If casual t-shirts are more your style, you'll find an impressive range of different designs, prints and fit types to suit every man. Make a statement with trendy t-shirt designs, or go for a more relaxed look with the selection of Ben Sherman polos - just as great for the golf club as they are for relaxing with friends.

For lovers of fashion history, you'll appreciate the signature Oxford shirt that made Ben Sherman famous. In pale shades of pink, yellow and blue, the Oxford striped design became a fashion icon in itself, and still lives on in the collection today.

Winter comfort with Ben Sherman

Although the Ben Sherman brand originated in the US, the man himself was from Britain, and there's a distinctive British flavour to his selection of coats and jackets. One thing's for sure, the quality of the designs will ensure winter warmth no matter how cold it gets in your part of the world. But just because you want warmth, it doesn't mean you should sacrifice comfort and style.

You'll be warm and toasty with hooded jackets, bomber jackets, a range of trendy zip-up jackets and even stylish longer coats. Because of the sleek, modern yet understated designs, these jackets and coats will go great with anything - jeans, casual pants or even press pants. Built for comfort and an unmistakable sense of style, Ben Sherman has the goods to keep you warm this winter.

Taking care of business

If there's one place it's always important to look your best, it's in the workplace. Impressions really count in the business world, so why not make the best one possible with Ben Sherman business wear. From shirts to jackets to full suits, don't choose cheap quality products when you can still get the best at affordable prices.

Cotton business shirts from Ben Sherman are made to fit the modern man with a sharp sense of style. The suit jackets on offer here are also impeccable, coming in a range of cuts, colours and fabrics, you know that you'll always look your best with Ben Sherman. If you like to mix and match as a fashion statement, you can buy different coloured business pants to go with your new suit jacket, but for the truly sharp dressed man you'll want to check out the suave, sophisticated range of suits to really show people you mean business.

If you prefer a more casual business attire, you'll also find some great blazers on offer, made from comfortable and durable linen blends. For your best business look, it has to be Ben Sherman.

Shorts for all occasions

When the sun is out, it's time for the shorts to come out. These offerings from Ben Sherman will suit any occasion, from casual walking shorts to slim stretch chinos and a range of floral, striped or otherwise patterned casual shorts. Made for absolute comfort, you can't go wrong with this collection.

Designed with comfort and style in mind, Ben Sherman shorts are targeted towards the modern man who doesn't need to look outrageous - it's all about a subtle, understated sense of style that mixes well with the rest of your casualwear.

There's also a range of swimming shorts on offer, so when it's time to hit the surf or the pool, you can look great and experience ultimate comfort with Ben Sherman. All you need to do is choose your favourite style and purchase today!

Ben Sherman has your legs covered

There's an unmistakable British flavour on display again with the Ben Sherman pants for men. Whether it's flannel or slim trousers in distinctive retro British colours, or the more smart-casual trouser styles, there's a little bit of the UK on offer for everyone.

But for those who just want great quality without the British style, there's so many varieties of cotton trousers, comfortable track pants and slim fit/normal fit chinos on offer too. If you're looking for a comprehensive range of men's pants that really do cater for everyone's unique tastes, you're going to find some great options in the Ben Sherman range.

Underwear and accessories

So often, your favourite fashion brands forget about the most important part of your outfit. Sure, not everybody is going to see it, but that doesn't mean you don't want the best, most comfortable underwear you can find. Luckily for fans of Ben Sherman, they have a range of underwear for men available. Mostly in trunks style, you can be assured of comfort when you protect your valuables with this perfect fitting cotton underwear.

But Ben Sherman doesn't stop there. If you need socks or belts to cap off your look, you'll find great quality products here that won't let you down. There's socks for business, socks for play and socks for everything in between. The trendy designs will have you filling your entire sock drawer with Ben Sherman goodies. The functional, durable and on-trend belts are also the perfect addition to your more formal outfits.

Don't forget about the bags and wallets too - there's a whole host of bag styles for all your needs, and the wallets are pure class. Start shopping with Ben Sherman today!