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BenQ Monitors

The American company BenQ specialises in projectors, monitors, and displays. Its award-winning computer monitors enhance any desktop or laptop by providing vibrant colours and better detail. As an official sponsor of many gaming teams, BenQ provides the best gaming monitors, manufactured with gamers in mind, including BenQ computer monitors with built-in speakers. Other displays offer superior functionality to both hobbyists and professionals. Find yours among the long list of BenQ monitors and enjoy stunning visuals.


Good gaming monitors keep up with your pace and deliver graphics without blurring, flickering, tearing, or other distortions. BenQ offers some flicker-free monitors, such as the RL2460HT that includes HDMI input for eliminating input lag and special fighting mode that highlights battle characters. The rule, the bigger the better is valid for gaming monitors, so you would definitely enjoy the 35-inch panoramic XR3501 with its super-wide screen. The BenQ XL2730Z with its 27-inch display and fast response time provides both professional gamers and gaming fans the perfect experience.

Home and Office

BenQ monitors for home and office use range between 22 and 28 inches in their screen size. As you would be staring at the monitor for long hours, these models use the flicker-free technology to eliminate distortion and the low blue light that puts less strain on your eyes. To ensure the best position for a long day at the office, the designs are ergonomic and easily adjustable.

Creative Professionals

Creative professionals who produce visuals on their screen require the utmost image quality. BenQ has created some special monitors for designers, such as the 27-inch PD2710QC that allows you to easily dock your notebook into the USB-C station without having to mess with a bunch of cables. If you need a bigger screen, choose the 32-inch PD3200U for ultra-high definition.

Colour Management

Photographers and businesses in the printing industry need the best colour rendition on their screens to produce accurate images. The PG2401PT from BenQ's Pro Graphics series is a monitor with a certificate for printing. Just like the photographer's monitor SW2700PT, it has the removable shading hood that blocks out ambient light and glare that could otherwise influence your colour perception.