Popular BenQ Products

Enjoy better home entertainment with BenQ monitors and projectors   

Founded in Taiwan in 1984, BenQ is a supplier of consumer electronics, computing and communications products across various industries including business, healthcare, education, lifestyle and more. The brand name BenQ stands for the company’s own slogan, “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality’ to Life”.   

What specific products does BenQ create? It’s an extensive list featuring digital monitors, professional projectors, interactive displays, speakers, mobile IT devices, LED lighting solutions and plethora of related accessories.   

BenQ monitors   

When visual display quality and impact really matters, you can count on an LED/LCD full HD BenQ monitor to deliver the goods. Digital monitors of various dimensions can be used to display multimedia content and entertainment or bring your gaming skills to a bigger screen. Whether you prioritise screen size, resolution, quality, compatibility options or pure aesthetics, you’re likely to find an appropriate BenQ monitor for sale at eBay.   

BenQ home entertainment   

Setting up a home theatre or planning to present video content to a live audience? Everything looks bigger and better with a BenQ home video projector. Watch the movies the way they were meant to be watched and turn every viewing experience into a special occasion. eBay has plenty of new and refurbished BenQ projectors in good working condition and able to match your preferred specs in terms of size, weight, power, throw distance and number of lumens, etc. When existing parts and accessories are lost or broken, you can quickly replace those BenQ projector lamps or bulbs by heading straight at eBay. You’ll also find plenty of pre-owned BenQ remote controls that are compatible with your BenQ monitors or projectors.   

Don’t wait any longer, jump onto eBay and buy the BenQ equipment your home needs!