Bench Drill Press

Bench Drill Press

When working with tough construction materials such as wood and metal, the industrial hardware equipment you use can often be the difference between failure and success. An essential item of industrial hardware for your workshop is a bench drill press. Its importance - often overlooked - lies in the fact that, unlike a hand held drill, it allows you to drill precisely spaced holes and to bore holes to exact depths. Furthermore, when set up correctly you can effectively bore holes from almost any angle. Considering their affordability and versatility, they are a good investment for any workshop. The following are some of the features to compare when buying a bench drill press:

Bench Drill Press Speed

Having variable speed is an important feature for any bench drill press, as different materials and operations need different drilling speeds. Typically, when working with metal, slower speeds work best but for woodwork, faster speeds are required. For most people, adjustable speeds of between 500 and 4000 RPM are considered ideal for the accomplishment of normal operations. 2-speed, 5-speed and 12-speed bench drill presses are available on the market.

Bench Drill Press Horsepower

Like all other industrial drills, bench drill presses are designed to output varying horsepower. A drills motor can deliver between 0.25 to 1 horsepower. If you are going to be drilling larger or deeper holes through tougher material, then a drill with high horsepower will be the perfect choice.

Bench Drill Press Model Type

There are two types of bench drill press models available in the market; the floor model and the bench top model. For large scale projects, the floor model is the perfect choice as there are a wide range of accessories available for customisation. On the other hand bench top models are better suited for smaller projects or workshops with limited working space.

Bench Drill Press Table

For maximum flexibility, the drilling table should allow height adjustment as well as a 360 degree rotation to enable drilling from any angle. This feature is particularly helpful for tall people as it allows them to manoeuvre the machine any way they like and work on hard-to-reach areas without putting a strain on their backs.