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World-famous for brows, Benefit Cosmetics has humorously shown over almost 50 years that laughter really is the greatest make up… so grin and wear it! With their fast and fabulous solutions for beauty, Benefit Cosmetics believe that if you don't succeed at first, simply apply more lipstick, and if you can't be great, be glamorous.

The effectiveness and relevance of its bold products with girly names, their bespoke services, and their creative packaging and advertising enabled Benefit Cosmetics to build a community of loyal followers. Their uniquely feel-good and fun philosophy shows that gorgeous glamour suits beauty of all types, no matter what their origins or style.

Behind The Benefit Cosmetics Brand

Well-known for their playful approach to face make-up with their cheeky product names, Benefit Cosmetics is all about making beauty enjoyable. Channelling the quirkiness of a colourful candy store, Benefit Cosmetics has been the go-to brand for make-up essentials and quick beauty fixes since opening their first make-up shop in 1970.

Initially founded in San Francisco by Ford twins Jane and Jean, Benefit Cosmetics have always enjoyed a decisively unique reputation within the domain of cosmetic brands. The two farm girls from Indiana were both successful models and make-up artists, who moved to the west coast with a totally new and unique views on beauty.

Benefit Cosmetics started out as a little make-up shop that introduced fast beauty solutions of "fake-its” fun for ladies who were always on the go. Benefit has since become one of the leading brow brands while remaining true to their "laughter is the best cosmetic' belief. This dynamic duo of make-up has always believed that laughter is always the best cosmetic and are guided by the Benefit Cosmetics mantra that make-up doesn't need to be serious for it to look amazing.

The Range Of Benefit Cosmetics

The same daily make-up routine can make you feel a little uninspired by your beauty products. Thankfully, there are some fabulous finds from Benefit Cosmetics, which can bring some excitement back into the art of getting glamorous and gorgeous. If you want to love your daily regimen again and be truly wowed by your brows, Benefit Cosmetics can help you create a knockout look in a jiffy.

While Benefit Cosmetics are well-known for their breakthrough fashion formulas that have been designed to transform your brows, there is so much more to love in their extensive line-up. Whether you're searching for a new cheek tint that will keep you blushing or a mascara that provides you with a touch of va-va-voom, you are sure to find some make-up innovations that will instantly revive your regime.

Think of Benefit Cosmetics like your free-spirited and fun BFF who is always on hand with a smile and a brow pencil whenever you need; thanks to their collection of cult classics and quick fixes for every brow dilemma such as Benetint, Hoola Matte Bronzer, and BADGal Lash Mascara.

Shop a wide variety of innovative make-up solutions and other essentials from Benefit Cosmetics available on eBay today, and you too can feel confident and look stunning. Bring a fresh perspective to playing with make-up and rediscover how much fun it can be with Benefit Cosmetics.