Bento Boxes

Enjoy a tasty lunch with Bento Boxes 

Hailing from Japan, bento boxes have been a firm fixture in Japanese culture since the thirteenth century. Since then, they have been a traditional means of serving lunch dishes and while commonly found in restaurants, they are most popular with families, particularly to pack and serve childrens lunches. 

The bento box has grown in popularity among other cultures, and on eBay you can shop a huge range of different bento snack box shapes, sizes and designs to suit your own or your familys needs. 

Kids designs 

Bento boxes are perfect for kids to take to school as a lunch box. Here on eBay, there are many fun, vibrant and ingenious designs to choose from. Inside these boxes, youll find multiple compartments which can be customised to suit your lunchtime needs and also help keep food types separated, so you dont have to worry about a soggy sandwich. Lids are designed to close tightly so food maintains its freshness while also limiting leaks or spills. To make carrying these bento boxes easy, many designs offer convenient handles or even come with a backpack, container, or carry case. Designs are durable and most are dishwasher safe so they can be used again and again. 

Adults designs 

Adults can also get involved with plenty of grown-up designs also available on eBay. Thermal-insulated bento boxes made from stainless steel can keep food warm for up to a few hours and are often designed to hold liquid capacities, making them ideal for soups, curries, and stews. They can also be used with microwaves if you prefer to enjoy your food piping hot which is a handy option for lunchtimes at work.