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Berkley Braided Fishing Fishing Lines & Leaders

Berkley Braided Fishing Line

The Berkley brand originated in 1937 in America, when a then 16-year-old Berkley Bedell began selling handmade flies to fishing tackle shops and touring fishermen. Since then, the company has grown and developed into a leading global brand in fishing equipment. Its products are innovative with Berkley investing in technology, research and development to manufacture high-quality fishing gear.

What is a Braided Fishing Line?

Originally made from fibres, such as cotton, linen and occasionally silk, braided fishing lines are one of the earliest types of fishing line. Today, they are made with synthetic fibres for strength and power. Braided lines are roughly a third smaller in diameter when compared to monofilament or flurocarbon lines.

Braided Fishing Line Benefits

Braided fishing lines are popular for their lack of stretch, high knot strength and overall power. They have a high resistance to abrasion, so they can be used on rocky terrains where lines can be severed on sharp rocks. When deep sea fishing, braided lines are less resistant to sea currents and can fit on smaller reels. Due to their minimal stretch, braided fishing lines are more sensitive to the bite of a fish and are very flexible. They also float and can be cast over long distances.

Saltwater Braided Fishing Lines

If you are considering a saltwater braided fishing line, the Berkley ProSpec Prem. Saltwater Braid is ideal for any keen fisherman. It comes in white and is available in lengths of either 457 or 2,286 metres. Its break strength ranges from 13.6 to 90.7 kilogrammes. Made from Dyneema fibre, this is one of the strongest saltwater braids available.

Freshwater Braided Fishing Lines

Berkleys Trilene range of freshwater braided fishing lines combine the latest in technology and research to create powerful and innovative fishing lines. The lines come in three different lengths—137, 274 or 1,371 metres—and range in break strength from 4.5 to 36.2 kilogrammes. Ultra-round and smooth for a clean release and reeling, the Trilene range is the strongest freshwater fishing line Berkley makes.